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Andaz® is an Australia-based investment manager dedicated to invest capital in such a manner as to achieve exceptional risk-adjusted returns over an extended period of time. Our investment objective is to organically compound net worth while minimising the chances of permanent loss of capital.

Investment philosophy

In an ever-expanding world of information and opinions, achieving meaningful outcomes can be difficult. Knowledge has become available and accessible to the extent that it has become commoditised. Yet, not all information is equal. Incoming information/data is either:

a) obvious and definitive
b) not obvious i.e. at times akin to Trojan horses

In particular, when information/data points - that appear obvious on the face of it - flow in one after another i.e. in sequence or clusters, large groups, disperse teams or ‘quant’ investors will think it is definitive and obvious, when in fact it is not.

Furthermore, markets overcrowd and outbid assets for the comfort of investing in familiar businesses, popular industries, superficial novelty, fast-growing companies, and steady streams of earnings, dividends and/or coupons.

Finally, in an environment where international markets are becoming increasingly singular, collective diversity will lose out to individuals exposed/immersed in multiple cultures, due to the ability to see things through multiple lenses.

Together, these factors create mispricings on a global scale. This is where we find our advantage.


Separately Managed Accounts

Qualifying investors can access our fundamental strategy through separately managed accounts. We manage each of our accounts pari passu, using Interactive Brokers (IB) where we are registered as Investment Advisor (RIA).

For more information on separate account management, including minimum account size, contact us on our website here.

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Key personnel


Mr. Yizhong Chan is the Founder, Executive Chairman, and Portfolio Manager. Prior to founding Andaz Private Investments, he worked at ASX-listed investment management firm Hunter Hall Investment Management from 2007 to 2017; as Portfolio Manager running a global portfolio sleeve from 2012 to 2017 and as Investment Analyst prior to that. He has 11 years of funds management and global stock picking experience. Mr. Chan is a graduate of Macquarie University's Applied Finance Centre, Indiana University in Bloomington, and the University of Freiburg in Germany.

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